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About InTune® Guitar Picks, Inc.

InTune® Guitar Picks, Inc. has been specializing in personalized guitar picks since 2000. We know all about custom guitar picks. InTuneGP™ was founded by President Bert LeCato, who at the time, was a paid and volunteer Fire Fighter with music and guitar playing as a long time hobby. In April of 2000, wanting quality and affordable custom guitar picks, he opened InTune® Guitar Picks, Inc. The mission was to provide a quality product backed by great service and rejuvenate the Guitar Pick Industry.

With a lot of hard work, the InTune® brand of guitar picks have become the choice for many of today’s top artists. In the beginning production was just a few hundred guitar picks a month in a garage. Now InTuneGP is a fully staffed facility printing tens of thousands of guitar picks per day. Even with the growth, we dedicate the amount of time needed to each and every customer to ensure that every customer comes away shocked at the quality and service that we provided. We work with everyone from the beginners rocking out in their garage, to the legends rocking out in the arenas. Our growth has been phenomenal and it is all thanks to our clients, big and small.

We offer quality products with detailed and durable printing and our customers are top priority. We encourage you to check out our samples page and client list, that says it all. Our samples are real photos, not Photoshop enhanced images and we have done our best to make all of the content on our site very straight forward. We do our best to make all of our content clear and make recommendations where we feel necessary. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. If you have any questions after reviewing our site, please ask. That’s what we are here for. “If you want to feel like a rock star and be treated like one, join the InTuneGP Family”™

About InTune® Brand Guitar Picks

The company behind a product is important, but the product itself is just as important. We take great pride in our InTune® brand guitar picks with quality and dependability being a high priority. Our brand of guitar picks are manufactured to provide a consistent, reliable product that is suited for all levels of musicians.

We have always used only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of our guitar picks. The two most popular materials used to create InTune® guitar picks are celluloid and delrin® (a trademark of DuPont). Delrin® being the material used for our well known InTuneGP GrippX® line. For more than a decade, the InTune® brand of guitar picks has been known not only for its manufactured quality, but for its detailed and durable print. Specializing in custom printed guitar picks, it has always been important that our printing process be at the same quality level as the InTune® brand of guitar picks. We hope you enjoy our products.

Use what the pros use and thank you for your support.

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About InTune Guitar Picks, Inc.

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