Bolo Guitar Pick Holder

Personalized Guitar Pick Holder

BoloPick Guitar Pick Holder

We are now offering the BoloPick guitar pick holder key chain. This is the perfect way to carry your custom guitar picks with you. The BoloPick is a flexible, plastic key chain that provides quick and easy access to your guitar picks right from your key ring. This pick holder will hold up to 6 guitar picks depending on the thickness (4 medium picks). Each guitar pick holder will come loaded with an InTuneGP guitar pick. This guitar pick holder will hold all shapes of guitar picks tightly with the exception of our small jazz guitar pick. The small jazz guitar pick will work in this holder, however it may fit loosely. They are available in black and clear for $6.00 under the accessories section of our online store. If you want to keep your custom guitar picks close, use a BoloPick guitar pick holder. BUY NOW

February, 2015

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