Custom Guitar Pick Accessories

Don’t Forget Your Personalized Guitar Pick Accessories! 

Custom Guitar Picks are what we do, but we also offer a few very cool accessories that play well with our custom guitar picks. Be sure to check them out when you order your next batch of guitar picks. We have our newly redesigned mic stand guitar pick holders to help keep your guitar picks close at hand while on stage. The BoloPick is a great way to keep your custom guitar picks right on your key chain and our pocket guitar pick holder is great for keeping a handful of guitar picks organized in your pocket and ready for sharing. If you want to show your InTuneGP pride, we offer our T-Shirts in all popular sizes and if you want to try out a different guitar pick, select from our large selection of Guitar Pick 12 packs.

All accessories can be found under the Accessories tab on our order page and can be easily added to your order of custom guitar picks.

Don’t forget, custom guitar picks are great for many other things than just playing guitar. They can be used for weddings, birthdays, business cards, marketing and much, much more.

Personalized Guitar Pick Accessories

January, 2016

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