Thank you for your application.

Thank You for your endorsement application

Thank you for submitting your application. We will be in touch with you shortly to advise if you
are eligible for artist pricing. Due to the large amount of applications that we receive,
if you do not play 60 shows or more a year, your application will not be reviewed.
Review times can be up to 3 weeks. Once the application is received, if you had interest
in the other companies involved, we will forward your application to the selected companies and
they will respond to you. We do not get involved in their process or decision. If you have chosen
SIT strings, you will receive a response from WB Gear, who handles their artist program.

Thank You, InTune Guitar Picks Inc.,

If you do not received a personal response advising receipt of your application within 48hrs
(exception is over the weekend),
Please send an email to

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