Why Custom Guitar Picks ?

Custom Guitar Picks

So You Ask Why Custom Guitar Picks?

We as why not? Custom guitar picks are just cool. The coolest thing about them is you can purchase them for the same price or even cheaper than going to the music store and buying generic guitar picks. Custom guitar picks can be used for so many different things from advertising, birthdays, weddings and for just feeling like a rock star. They also make great business cards. You don’t have to be playing in that big arena to have your own custom guitar picks.  If you opt for our smallest quantity (100 picks) printed on one side, the pricing per pick is only $.35 each. You don’t have to be a rock star to have personalized guitar picks or to be able to afford them. Check out the large variety of guitar picks we manufacture and we are confident we have something for you. Use what the pros use and save money. Get your own custom guitar picks today so you can feel like a rock star.

January, 2014

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