Full Color Disclaimer

Full Color Disclaimer for Full Color Custom Guitar Picks

Disclaimer: The following full color disclaimer is very important. Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings, the color swatches and your artwork, as seen on your monitor, may slightly vary from the actual printed color. Also note that the larger the image, the less you will feel of the natural pick surface.

We highly discourage full bleed printing for picks that will be used for playing. We discourage this for several reasons. Covering the pick edge with ink will greatly increase the amount of wear due to the ink making contact with the strings.  As mentioned above, you will also be covering all of the natural pick surface. Because we can print your image on any color pick, there is no need to attempt to change the pick color with ink.

Our primary goal is to be informative and provide you with a high quality product that will fit your needs.

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